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The task for this project was to build a dynamic visual identity for a TV channel targeting the younger audience of 18-30 year olds, preventing cable television from becoming an obsolete media form.  


My project takes inspiration from the very first televisions that were ever created in an attempt to initiate the second coming of cable TV, using an aesthetic inspired by a broken vintage CRT television.

I decided to call the channel CRTV as the visual identity of the channel is largely inspired by old, broken crt televisions. This aesthetic juxtaposed with 3D elements of contemporary graphic design creates a cutting edge visual style that cannot go unnoticed. This also contrasts the corporate look and feel that belongs to the majority of streaming services; making it crystal clear that the plan is to combat online streaming services and present something new: The re-introduction to cable television entirely.    


Furthermore, I think a large portion of the target audience (especially on the younger side) may have never watched cable television as they have grown up where services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime TV have become the most common ways to watch television. Once again linking to the concept of the second coming of cable television, I want those audiences to feel like they are being introduced to television for the first time, presenting it as a new form of media.

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