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As the design progressed, I came up with the idea of making the can look like an incubation tank which is a common science fiction genre signifier. This then expanded into a whole story surrounding the creation of the Slymei and so I decided to change the name of the brand accordingly.


This brief was to create a craft beer from an assigned shape and I was given a circle. 


Using a smiley face as a starting point, I used rave culture, specifically vintage rave flyers as the primary inspiration behind my brand of craft beer.

I found myself being fascinated by the vintage rave flyers as it amazed me how ahead of their time the graphics are. I found out that science fiction was a common theme across the rave flyers and so the final outcome of the project resulted in a craft beer inspired by rave culture and science fiction.


The Story 


The year is 2080 and raves are beginning to get repetitive and lifeless, so much so, rave culture as a whole is on its way out. In an attempt to bring the dying rave scene back to life, scientists tried to create the perfect brew to make youngsters feel like partying again. The drink was a huge success but there was a mysterious by-product of the chemical compound… The first Slymei was born.  


Nobody, not even the scientists can explain how or why the first Slymei was created: a new distorted version of the smiley face we all know and love. The Slymei is a symbol for the new age of rave goers, named ‘!’ for its unique eye shape, some say the Slymei is solely responsible for the rave culture revival whereas others are certain it was the drink that got people partying again. One thing for sure is that rave culture is back and here to stay, along with the Slymei…

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