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Our brief was to design a flyer, billboard banner and merchandise for Disrupt: an art and design festival about adapting to a post covid world. 


The challenge is that we are not allowed to create digital assets and all design features must be created using traditional methods and so the primary feature of the brand identity is a futuristic, modular typeface built from crafting tape.     


Stemming from the idea of a positive reset, I decided to call my festival Square One. I thought of the phrase ‘going back to square one’ as the post covid world is essentially a new beginning. The name square one suggests to stop and assess the current situation  before moving forwards. The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone but I think it is important to acknowledge the positives that came from it as well. Creatives have learned many new skills, they have picked up new ways of communication and had to adapt to contact free team working. I think these are valuable skills that are worth taking with us in the post covid world. Essentially I want to assess the positives that the pandemic had on the creative industry and how we can bring these new techniques with us as we progress further out of the covid 19 pandemic.

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